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How to Download Phantasmagoria by Madelynne Ellis in Epub Format

Phantasmagoria by Madelynne Ellis: A Gothic Romance Novel You Can Download in Epub Format

If you are looking for a steamy and captivating historical romance novel with a Gothic twist, you might want to check out Phantasmagoria by Madelynne Ellis. This book is the third installment in the Scandalous Seductions series, but it can be read as a standalone story. You can download it in epub format and enjoy it on your favorite device.

Madelynne Ellis Phantasmagoria Epub Download


What is Phantasmagoria about?

Phantasmagoria is set in the year 1800, three years after the events of A Gentleman's Wager, the first book in the series. The heroine, Bella Rushdale, wakes up one morning to find that her bisexual lover, Vaughan, Marquis of Pennerley, has left her and their other lover, Lucerne Marlinscar, without any explanation. Determined to win him back and save their delicate ménage a trois, Bella follows him to his family estate on the Welsh Borders, where he is preparing for a diabolical Gothic celebration on All Hallows Eve - a phantasmagoria.

A phantasmagoria is a form of horror entertainment that uses magic lanterns, shadows, and sounds to create illusions of ghosts and supernatural creatures. Vaughan plans to use this spectacle to reveal a dark secret from his past and to test Bella's and Lucerne's love for him. But among the shadows and phantoms, Bella and her lovers will also discover new truths and desires that will change their lives forever.

Why should you read Phantasmagoria?

Phantasmagoria is a book that will appeal to fans of historical erotica, Gothic romance, and bisexual romance. It has a well-written plot that combines mystery, suspense, and passion. It also has a rich historical setting that brings to life the decadence and danger of the late 18th century. And of course, it has a trio of complex and charismatic characters who share an intense and unconventional love.

Madelynne Ellis is an award-winning author who specializes in erotic fiction. She has written over 30 books in various genres and settings. She is known for her sensual style, her vivid imagination, and her ability to create unforgettable characters and stories. Phantasmagoria is one of her best works, and it has received rave reviews from readers and critics alike.

How can you download Phantasmagoria in epub format?

Epub is a popular and widely supported format for ebooks. It allows you to adjust the font size, layout, and appearance of the text to suit your preferences and device. It also preserves the original formatting and design of the book.

There are several ways you can download Phantasmagoria in epub format. One option is to buy it from an online retailer that sells ebooks, such as or Amazon Kindle Store. You will need to create an account and pay for the book using a credit card or another payment method. Then you will be able to download the book to your device or transfer it using a USB cable or a cloud service.

Another option is to borrow it from a library that offers digital titles through OverDrive. OverDrive is a service that allows you to access ebooks and audiobooks from your local library using your library card and a free app called Libby. You can search for Phantasmagoria by Madelynne Ellis on Libby and see if it is available at your library. If it is, you can borrow it for a limited time and download it to your device. You can also place a hold on it if it is checked out by someone else.

What are some other books by Madelynne Ellis?

If you enjoyed Phantasmagoria, you might want to read some other books by Madelynne Ellis. She has written over 30 books in various genres and settings, including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy erotica. Some of her most popular books are:

  • A Gentleman's Wager: The first book in the Scandalous Seductions series, where Bella Rushdale meets Vaughan and Lucerne and enters into a scandalous affair with them.

  • Three Times the Scandal: The fourth book in the Scandalous Seductions series, where Vaughan, Bella, and Lucerne face new challenges and temptations in their relationship.

  • Her Husband's Lover: The fifth book in the Scandalous Seductions series, where Vaughan's estranged wife returns to claim him back and causes trouble for him and his lovers.

  • The Serpent's Kiss: The seventh book in the Scandalous Seductions series, where Vaughan's cousin Rockliffe returns from India with a mysterious woman who has a connection to Vaughan's past.

  • Dark Designs: A Gothic vampire romance set in 19th century London, where a young artist falls in love with a mysterious and dangerous man who has a secret.

What do readers say about Phantasmagoria?

Phantasmagoria has received many positive reviews from readers who praised the author's writing style, the historical accuracy, the erotic scenes, and the emotional depth of the story. Here are some of the comments from readers who reviewed the book on Goodreads and Amazon:

  • "This book was amazing. It had everything I love in a historical romance: a strong heroine, two sexy heroes, a Gothic setting, a mysterious plot, and lots of steamy scenes. I loved how the author explored the dynamics of the ménage a trois and how each character had their own struggles and growth. I also loved the historical details and the descriptions of the phantasmagoria. It was like watching a horror movie in my mind." - Goodreads reviewer

  • "I have read all of Madelynne Ellis' books and this one is by far my favorite. It is a perfect blend of romance, erotica, and suspense. The characters are well-developed and complex, and their relationship is both passionate and tender. The phantasmagoria was a brilliant idea and added a lot of intrigue and excitement to the story. I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to read more from this author." - Amazon reviewer

  • "Phantasmagoria is a masterpiece of historical erotica. It is not only hot and sexy, but also captivating and enthralling. The author has a way with words that makes you feel every emotion and sensation that the characters experience. The phantasmagoria was a fascinating and original element that added to the Gothic atmosphere and the mystery of the plot. This book is a must-read for fans of erotic romance." - Amazon reviewer

Where can you find more information about Madelynne Ellis and her books?

If you want to learn more about Madelynne Ellis and her books, you can visit her official website at There you can find her biography, her blog, her newsletter, and her contact details. You can also follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can also join her fan group on Facebook called Madelynne's Readers Retreat. There you can interact with other fans, get exclusive news and sneak peeks, participate in giveaways and contests, and chat with the author herself. You can also join her Patreon page and support her writing career while getting access to bonus content and rewards.


Phantasmagoria by Madelynne Ellis is a hot historical romance novel that will take you on a thrilling and sensual journey with a trio of bisexual lovers. It is a book that combines eroticism, romance, mystery, and Gothic horror in a captivating way. You can download it in epub format and enjoy it on your device.

If you liked this book, you might also like some other books by Madelynne Ellis, such as A Gentleman's Wager, Three Times the Scandal, Her Husband's Lover, The Serpent's Kiss, and Dark Designs. You can also find more information about the author and her books on her website and social media platforms.

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