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The Power Of Pentecost


Join Pastor Phil Diaz at Greencastle Church Of The Nazarene for a powerful sermon titled "Help!" Pastor Diaz delves into Exodus 14:10-14, a poignant scripture that illustrates the Israelites' fear and desperation, their pleas for help, and God's eventual deliverance. In this sermon, Pastor Diaz paints a vivid picture of the Israelites' fear as they found themselves trapped between the Egyptians and the Red Sea. He highlights the faith and trust Moses had in God's promise of deliverance, serving as a powerful reminder of our need to rely on God when we feel cornered by life's struggles. Pastor Diaz further explores how we react in our personal 'Red Sea' moments and encourages us to admit our fears and needs, trust in God's promise of deliverance, and allow God to fight for us. By sharing these biblical principles, he invites us to experience God's transformative power and grace in our lives. Tune in to learn how to navigate life's 'Red Sea' moments by admitting our fears, trusting God's promises, and being still. In doing so, we allow God's light to shine through our cracks, revealing His glory and power in our lives. Discover the strength found in vulnerability, the hope found in God's promises, and the peace found in surrender. Remember, "Life Is Full Of Red Sea Moments", but with God on your side, you can always find deliverance. Join us at the virtual altar and make your life a testament to God's transformative power. Watch now and let Pastor Diaz guide you to turn your heart into an altar where God can perform His miraculous work. For more sermons, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on the notifications. Share this video with your friends and family who might need this word today. Thank you for watching, and God bless!