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We are a Christian People who join all believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


We are a Holiness People who answer the call of a holy God to pursue a holy life.

We are a Missional People who go into all the world as witnesses of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.



Various group opportunities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for nursery and  Pre-K to 5th grade.



Nazarene Youth International.  On a local level we have middle and high school aged persons who meet for bible study, month activities, and area happenings.  We coordinate with regional groups that are responsible for planning and organizing ministry for youth grade 6 and older.

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We have different groups that range from young adults to senior citizens.  Each group has its own unique personality and make up, but each group have bible study and various monthly functions and activities. There are additional functions for young adults, ladies ministries, and prime time ministries.

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