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Visitor Information

If this is your first time at Greencastle Church Of The Nazarene..... 


Since 1917, we have wholeheartedly welcomed members of the greater Greencastle community to join us in song, service, worship and prayer at The Church Of The Nazarene. Come and be a part of this thriving and hope-filled congregation!


We would be glad to have you visit us,


No need to worry about what to wear.  Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, tennis shoes, or dress shirts and pants are all fine to wear.  You'll see that the people coming to our church wear a variety of clothing.  

We are a friendly group of people.  We'll say hello, shake your hand or bump elbows these days, but all will make you feel welcomed and make sure you feel relaxed. 

Sunday morning service starts at 10:30. We sing a mixture of traditional and contemporary choruses.  Don't know the words or tune, no problem; just listen. 


About halfway through the service, the children are released to go to their age-appropriate lesson or activity, or your children are welcomed to remain with you.

We will pass an offering plate, but don't feel like you need to give money. There is no pressure for visitors to give during the offering.  People who come regularly give to the church because they feel like it not because it's required.  

We would like for you to come to our church just as you are, make a new friend, and hear about God in a hope that it will help you in some way.

Shaking Hands
Social Distancing
Bible Lesson
Friendly Circle

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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