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Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown
Praying Together

What's Our Vision?

Join us on a journey toward a brighter future, as we embark on our

Vision Campaign for 2023.


At Greencastle Church Of The Nazarene, our mission is to cultivate a community that loves God, loves people, and seeks to make disciples in a way that creates an authentic community of Jesus.


We are dedicated to fostering an environment of genuine love and acceptance, where all are welcomed to experience the transforming power of Christ's love. With a passion for building meaningful relationships and a commitment to sharing the gospel, we aim to create a community that is characterized by authenticity, compassion, and faith.


Join us on this journey towards a more authentic expression of the love of Christ, as we work together to make disciples who love God and love others.


Together, we will build a stronger, more connected church, and leave a lasting legacy of faith, hope, and love.

Join Us In A Prayer Campaign For...

So What's The Future Look Like? 

As we pursue our mission, we hope to see a future where our community is a beacon of light and hope, sharing the love and grace of Christ in tangible ways.

The Best Is Just Ahead! 

Our vision, mission, direction, and impact is integrated into all areas of church life, including small groups, ministries, and events, fostering an environment of genuine love and acceptance.


We are excited to welcome more individuals to join us on this journey towards a more authentic expression of Christ's love, as we continue to make a positive impact in the world around us."

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